Learn how to prepare for the selection of the master’s degree

Are you thinking of continuing your studies? Many doubts arise at this time, right? If you have thought about masters as an option, you should know that this is a type of specialization that can be done after graduation, guaranteeing you the master’s degree. However, to enter a good course you must prepare for the master’s degree.

The edicts are usually open half-yearly and if you are short on time, it is time to plan. So, try to organize yourself according to the requirements of the edict, but within your limitations, because it is no use creating plans of studies that you will not be able to fulfill.

Large universities like USP, UFMG and UNICAMP, are very demanding and to get a place in the master’s degree from them or from other institutions, we need to pay attention to different issues.

If you want to join a master’s degree, check out some tips that go from running the course, through the selection process phases – where we propose some ways to prepare better – to some requirements common to different edicts.

Understand the functioning of a master’s degree course

The masters degree is a stricto sensu course, which translated from Latin means “in a specific sense”. Through it, the researcher will expand his knowledge on a specific topic. A master’s degree lasts an average of 2 years and can be done by people who seek to be experts in a research area.

Currently, the master’s degree can be academic or professional. While the former focuses on the academic career as a researcher teacher, the latter aims at enhancing professional activities in the job market.

People wishing to enter the academic world may apply for vacancies for research professors at public or private universities. However, there are ample opportunities for the master in the labor market.

Each year the number of masters working in companies looking to invest in innovation and research increases. In addition, many of them end up opening their own business from the results of their dissertation.

Know characteristics common to masters

Some characteristics are common in all types of masters. In addition to the average duration of the course, the student will choose disciplines, among those offered for his area, preferring those that will collaborate for his final project, that is, that will contribute with the results of the elaborated research.

To obtain the master’s degree, a dissertation is required for a bank. This dissertation is the result of working with a counselor who will assist the student throughout the course, in addition, in a master’s degree, effective participation in congresses, research groups, and other academic activities is important.

Discover different ways to prepare for the master’s degree

The organization is essential for the efficiency of the tests, so to prepare for the master’s degree, you must create means to facilitate the studies. Make it a habit to study every day, have a focus and well-defined goals. To help you, we separate some tips on how you can better organize your routine.

Make a schedule

Determine the daily hours of study, revise and adapt this period according to your needs, not leaving aside moments of rest and leisure.

Have a study plan

Plan what texts you will read, look for an entire chapter, without breaks, and always make notes and recordings for future revisions. Follow the theme chosen for the studies of the day, do not stop halfway and leave no point behind.

Strengthen the foreign language

Most masters in Brazil require proficiency in English or apply a proficiency test in English language reading. So always be up to date with the foreign language. Today, it is possible to find several materials available online, as well as complete courses.

Turn off possible distractions

Set aside this time exclusively for your studies, let your family know about it and ask not to be interrupted. Turn off alerts on your phone and avoid using social networks. Try to take a break when you are tired, with difficulty concentrating. And always try to study in places that are quiet and distant from distractions.

Stay focused and be disciplined.

Set goals for your studies, put on your schedule what should be studied during the week and try to meet those goals.

Consider the selection requirements

Selection processes, especially at public universities, require some basic requirements and you need to prepare for them. Masters selections may differ from one university to another, so be aware of the edict.

Read all topics, understand the rules and which subjects should be studied. Read carefully about timelines, know how the test will take place and, even at the time of registration, check what documentation is required. Know the entire research project of the chosen masters and verify that it is in accordance with your objectives.

Some selections require a pre-project. He must be within an area of ​​concentration and follow a specific line of research, so be clear as to his intentions. Try to get to know the teachers of the institution, see the Lattes curriculum of your possible adviser and if the researches in which he is involved are within the one you planned.

In the masters classes are given face-to-face, so be aware of the need for displacement and its financial conditions to do so. Some scholarships are distributed by institutions. To achieve them, it is essential to be well evaluated in the selection process.

The masters degree is a course for people who like to research and delve into specific subjects. For this reason, in order to prepare for the master’s degree, it is extremely important to master at least one foreign language.

As we have already said, masters are generally tested on English reading ability or high grades are required on English proficiency tests. Therefore, a master’s degree must have a good reading ability in English.

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